With a long tradition of expertise in the motorcycle field, the company was founded in 1959 by Roger Maughfling, who was a truly passionate enthusiast and loved all things with motors, especially motorcycles.

He opened a motorcycle repair shop in Mid Wales UK, and back in those days, pioneers in industry needed to be able to produce their own parts. It was not many years after the second war and parts rationing still existed in the UK. Roger was often missing parts and in particular sprockets, for the bikes in the shop. The need gave way to the solution and the first crude sprockets were turned out for grateful clients.

As the business grew, Supersrpox found a place in the market for more and more sprockets. Eventually the motorcycle repair shop turned into a small sprocket production, with Roger inventing and creating day and night. Over time more people joined the growing company as the market demanded the higher quality parts.

By 1975, the company had its own product name (Supersprox) and was to be found on bikes rolling out of Husqvarna Sweden and Maico Germany and also Triumph and Norton in the UK.

Supersprox were the first company to produce aluminum sprockets, way back in 1967. Although common today, they were cutting edge back then.

They patented the aluminum and steel combination sprocket back 2000. This was a jump in reality for our clients and competitors. Today the concept is accepted throughout the motorcycle industry as the best performing sprocket type and a third sector was born.

Supersprox are true world leaders in the production of performance bike sprockets and are a supplier to several European motorcycle producers, KTM, Husqvarna , Beta and Honda Italy.

Employing nearly 70 people, Supersrpox have 3 locations, with the main production facilities in Zhytomyr, Ukraine and Lowicz, Poland. We have developed a very modern and technical production process that offers flexibility and speed in production.

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