Arrow Exhaust

Arrow’s commitment to racing and motorsports gave enthusiastic results in the last years: more than 40 World Titles in many different classes, to which we can add all the victories Arrow got in local and National races.
The quest for higher performance, better materials and unique style had an  unquestionable effect on production. Nowadays Arrow is capable in design, development, testing and production of exhaust systems for sportbikes, streetbikes, off-road bikes, tourer / cruisers, scooters and maxi-scooters. A very big share of the products is available in a street legal version, following European standards, in close connection with the most important certifications agencies in Europe.
In the last time period, Technical Office sees the introduction of 3D CAD modeling, a step too much important to keep design capabilities matching the needs of the present and future technology. Production processes are improved introducing laser-trimming state-of-the-art machines, automated stores for components, last generation bending machines: investments made to target high production efficiency and effectiveness and the operational flexibility needed to compete in the fast-changing market of motorsports and to match the ever-changing global market.
A big part of the investment has been used to improve the tooling departments, with new machinery and softwares.
High quality of processes and products is fundamental to many of bikes manufacturers asking Arrow to design, develop and produce OES and OEM exhaust systems. Arrow parters with Companies like Aprilia, Betamotor, Husqvarna, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta, KMSB (Kawasaki Malaysia), Piaggio and Triumph.
In the recent past, a merge between Giannelli Silencers and Arrow has been completed and Arrow Special Parts got the task to design, develop, produce and distribute both Arrow and Giannelli brands.
All Design, Development, Testing and Production processes are completed in Arrow’s facilities in Italy, San Giustino (PG).
At the present time Arrow products are being distributed in more than 60 Countries in the World. The Company has a strong foothold in Europe, North America and Australia and Arrow is fast-growing in South America and Far-East, a situation that is changing for the better as the Company invests in international and local Shows and Exhibitions.
With the strength given by a 30-years-long background, experience and knowledge, Arrow is facing today markets’ challenges trying to take all the opportunities that these challenges offer. The Company looks beyond, a young Company marching to the future, with enthusiasm and energy. This makes Arrow a market leader and a benchmark.

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