Eliminates the heaviest dirt on the entire drive.

Product Advantages

• Supports the cleaning with the S100 Chain Cleaner
• Removes stubborn dirt
• Different brush heads allow all parts of the drivetrain to be cleaned
• Tough bristles

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Apply S100 Chain Cleaner. Then clean the treated areas thoroughly with the brush. Then rinse off the cleaner with a strong jet of water.

Note: After cleaning, treat the chain with chain spray.



When S100 Total Cycle Cleaner arrived in 1985, it completely changed the way bikes get washed and created an overnight sensation. Rider Magazine hailed it as a “…revolution for the Saturday Morning Wash”. Cycle Magazine said: “Nothing we have tried cuts through road grime quicker or more thoroughly…” In 1986, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company picked up S100 and began using it at their factory and test track and then decided it was important enough to supply to their dealers….Today they still do! [embed]https://youtu.be/h2Z6zucgWbg[/embed]


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