OptiMate USB charger. Powerful, safe USB charger to charge USB compatible devices – e.g. mobile phones, navigation devices, MP3 players, intercoms, iPhone, iPad, digital cameras and many others. Use devices while using your car or bike, or recharge while stationary. The O100 will turn off if the battery is low, preventing accidental battery discharge.

  • Vehicle battery protection: USB output turns off 1 hour after engine stopped or immediately if the battery voltage reduces below 12.4V.

  • 3 LED battery monitor (when USB output off) – battery status is displayed every 5 seconds

  • 12V input through a standard SAE connector

  • 5V 2400mA output

  • Short circuit, overheat, over-voltage protection

  • Warranty: 3 years

If your OptiMate or accessory has the white TM compatible connector, order O100-TM.

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O100 OptiMate SAE USB Charger 2400mA



OptiMate is manufactured by TecMate for whom we are their UK importer. TecMate are a specialist international battery charger manufacturer who are recognised as leaders in their field. ProBike have been their sole UK importer since day 1 and have achieved phenomenal success with TecMate’s battery chargers and other specialist tools, having sold over 500,000 OptiMate and AccuMate chargers in the UK, picking up multiple awards on the way.

OptiMate has now been recommended by virtually every major motorcycle manufacturer for very good reasons - they test and assess maintenance chargers to ensure they will not damage either your battery or your bike.


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