Nolan, with the new “fiber range” Xseries, takes sport-touring to the next level. Experience the ultimate touring adventure with the X-903 Ultra Carbon, the perfect fusion of sporty design and innovative technology. Crafted with a high-carbon content, this full face helmet delivers exceptional performance and style.

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High-Carbon Craftsmanship: The X-903 Ultra Carbon elevates the concept of carbon fiber with its meticulous construction, promising not just lightweight strength, but also a unique presence on the road.

NERS: Your safety is paramount, and the Nolan Emergency Release System (NERS) ensures swift and secure helmet removal in critical situations.

MVA: Experience the convenience of the Magnetic Visor Assembly which simplifies visor replacement, making it a quick and hassle-free task.

N-Com Connectivity: Designed to seamlessly integrate with the N-Com communication system, the X-903 Ultra Carbon enhances your riding experience by keeping you connected on the road.

Carbon Fitting Racing Experience: The internal comfort padding is constructed with active carbon filaments, offering thermoregulatory, antistatic, and dissipative benefits. The liner, featuring an innovative net structure, promotes efficient airflow in the upper part of the head, ensuring optimal cooling and dryness. The removable and washable linings for both the side cheek pads and lining the chinstraps add to the convenience and cleanliness of the helmet..

Technical characteristics


Helmet Type

Nolan – Full Face


Full-Face Nolan

ECE Homologation type

P Homologation

Retention system

Double-D rings

Helmet communication system

N-Com ready

Number of outer shell


User cluster


Comfort Type

Removable “Carbon Fitting”comfort

Safety product

NERS – Nolan Emergency Release System

Outer shell material

Carbon Fibre


Ultrawide Visor
Scratch Resistant treatement on both sides

Visor mechanism

Quick-release shield system
MVA – Magnetic Visor Assembly
Visor mechanism with tilting function


With Pinlock® adjustable pins

VPS mechanism

Adjustable system


Air exhaust
Chin ventilation
Top ventilation

Comfort feature

Liner with net construction
Removable Cheek Pads
3D Shape Cheek Pads
Cheek Pads with removable padding
Steadyfit cheek pads with increased or reduced thicknesses
EA – Eyewear Adaptive
LPC – Liner Positioning Control
Wind protector
Breath Deflector


NOLAN We are dedicated to being reliable and efficient travel companions, providing helmets that exceed the highest quality standards while paying meticulous attention to the tiniest of details.
With over 50 years of experience, we have earned international credibility, proudly representing Italian excellence on a global scale.


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