Designed for versatility and adventure, this remarkable helmet combines innovation and exceptional features to elevate your ride to new heights. With 8 different configurations, the N70-2 X adapts effortlessly to any situation. Customize your helmet with or without a removable protective chin guard, peak, or visor to suit your unique preferences and riding style. For you who like to combine road and off-road.

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Adaptive Configuration: The N70-2 X helmet is designed for versatility and adventure, offering a remarkable 8 different configurations. You can effortlessly customize your helmet by adding or removing the protective chin guard, peak, or visor, tailoring it to your unique preferences and riding style.

Airbooster Technology: This feature ensures exceptional ventilation to keep you comfortable during your journeys, whether you’re on the road or off-road.

VPS Sunscreen with Scratch-Resistant and Fog-Resistant Treatment: This sunscreen acts as a protective shield for your eyes, ensuring clear vision in various weather conditions. It’s like having built-in sunglasses that not only block harmful sun rays but also prevent fogging, guaranteeing optimal visibility during your rides.

Automatic Retraction System: The helmet features an automatic retraction system, providing convenience and ease when adjusting the VPS Sunscreen to suit your specific needs.

N-Com Ready with ESS (Emergency Stop Signal): The N70-2 X is N-Com ready, allowing seamless integration of communication systems into your helmet. Additionally, it’s prepared for ESS (Emergency Stop Signal), enhancing safety by signaling your stops to fellow riders and motorists.

Key Features

Ensures top ventilation where needed, guiding airflow from upper intake to key areas, guaranteeing max comfort in extreme rides.

Ready for N-Com integration, seamless communication setup, and ESS for enhanced safety signaling

Auto retraction system for easy VPS Sunscreen adjustment, ensuring convenience tailored to your needs.

Customize your helmet with ease, adjusting the chin guard, peak, or visor to match your riding style

Technical characteristics

Helmet Type

Nolan – Hybrid


Adventure Nolan

ECE Homologation type

P/J Homologation

Retention system


Ventilation technology

Airbooster Technology

Helmet communication system

N-Com ready

Number of outer shell


User cluster


Comfort Type

Removable “Clima Comfort Top”

Safety product

Removable Protective Chin Guard

Outer shell material

Lexan™ Polycarbonate


Scratch Resistant treatement on both sides
Ultrawide Visor

Visor mechanism

Quick-release shield system


With Pinlock® adjustable pins
Pinlock® (no Special-Special N-Com)

VPS mechanism

Automatic retraction system
Adjustable system


Air exhaust
Chin ventilation
Top ventilation

Comfort feature

Micro-perforated fabrics
Integrated Chin straps
Removable and adjustable Neck Roll
Wind protector

Other features

Adjustable Peak
Eight possible configurations
Visor Cover in the box
Chin guard plugs in the box

Vision protection system

VPS (SUNSCREEN) with fog-resistant treatment


NOLAN We are dedicated to being reliable and efficient travel companions, providing helmets that exceed the highest quality standards while paying meticulous attention to the tiniest of details.
With over 50 years of experience, we have earned international credibility, proudly representing Italian excellence on a global scale.


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