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Uncompromisingly sporty, with an impressive design and the ultimate technology transferred from modern motorsports.

The new X.R3R is minded for the most demanding conditions and emotions on the racetrack.

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In motorcycle racing, speed is the key and aerodynamics play a critical role – as that extra kilometer per hour could mean the difference between winning and losing.

Aerodynamically optimized X.R3R lightweight shell design not only reduces the air resistance but also optimizes the air mass flow for cooling the interior.

Considerable effort has been made to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the X.R3R’s shell, visor, spoilers and vents design.

The need for good design in the field of aerodynamics requires a wind tunnel design. However, testing begins virtually on the PC, with virtual CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, which allow for better and more informed decisions. These results are then supported by tests in a wind tunnel, on a 1: 1 scale with a motorcycle and road tests, which validate the aerodynamic performance of the helmet in various angles and riding positions.

An aerodynamic helmet that focusses on speed improves ventilation and adds a raft of safety features.

Every detail in the outer shell design and external components are designed to reduce the drag pressure and ensure maximum efficiency.

At the same time the air resistance is reduced, the air mass flow for cooling the interior is optimized. The air is specifically guided through the top and side vortex to the rear, where its increases the efficiency of the new racing spoiler concept.

A translucent race-style spoiler extension can be added to improve stability at high speeds.

Screw fixed this add-on rear spoiler extension presents a break-away design for the maximum safety standards.

The X.R3R’s complex aerodynamic concept is designed to maximize its performance, with 0 dynamic weight at 160 km/h.

On the track, the last thing you want to worry about is the heat on your head. The Aero testing determined X.R3R superior ventilation system encouraging airflow through the helmet from the front to the back.

Featuring six air intakes and four exhaust outlets for ventilation – you can have full control over how much airflow you get through the helmet to keep your head as cool as possible under the pressures of track riding.

The elongated chin vent shape helps to draw in more Race air, with an effective channeling system to disperse fresh air across the visor and face area.

An extra intake is also incorporated in the lower part, made in anti-vibration rubber and which can be easily opened and closed through a switch control from the interior.

All liner parts, including the neck roll are removable, washable and with X-Mart Dry technology – a soft touch and special treatment fabric that helps you to stay cool, dry and comfortable featuring a drying rate, twice as fast as normal cotton.

Along an Aero design, the visor reduces a substantial amount of wind noise by allowing good airflow over your face.

X.R3R comprehensive soundproofing concept includes Vortex generators in chin area to reduce aerodynamic drag and lift and a double rubber sealing profile around the visor, configured to improve sound insulation.

The special Anti-vibration rubber visor plates are designed to absorb and evenly distribute vibrations to nominal levels. They are perfect for helping to reduce noise levels and canceling the transmission of vibrations to the adjacent structures of the visor. The Recoil Visor System with its spring-loaded base side plates auto-adjusts and pull the shield back against the dual-lip window beading for a perfect airtight seal. The double visor lock safety systemprevents unexpected sudden opening of the visor shield and can be easily opened while wearing gloves.

Vision can make better & faster decisions on the track.

This is the reason why we have developed X-Sensus Vision, our philosophy behind the eye port of all our helmets, which ensures both Focused Vision and Peripheral Vision – with opening angles 15% beyond the standard requirements.

More importantly, it keeps your mind and body free, from getting in the way of your racing goal! Featuring a 225º horizontal field, an 85º vertical visual field, the 2-dimensional shape visor, made of unbreakable PC Lexan, optical class I and anti-scratch, is prepared for the application of tear-offs. Transitions® smart light visors automatically adapt to the ideal hue in any light condition staying clear at night and smoky when exposed to strong light providing a safe and comfortable ride, at night or any time of day.
Available as an optional accessory.

XR3R’s modular interior padding is a unique approach to high-speed comfort and stability enabling individual adjustment of the central padding and cheek pads, for a perfect fit for most head shapes.

All interior parts, including the thick neck roll, are removable, skin friendly (Antiallergenic and Antibacterial properties) and with no stitching in sensitive areas.

X.R3R Cheek Pads are designed with a special internal pocket which functions as an adaptive system that can be fine-tuned to the Racer’s preference.

In a quick and easy way, this system allows to add a range of different thicknesses foams to obtain a tighter fit across the cheek area, resulting in a more balanced, safe and agile helmet on the track.

To further facilitate it is reversible, so the cheek pads can always be returned to the initial configuration.

The innovative Air cumbs offer unparalleled levels of interior ventilation and comfort. X.R3R’s crown pad is sewn with a special alveolar mesh that creates a fresh air chamber between the EPS liner and the padding.

By gradually releasing and distributing the fresh air around the entire head contour it creates a longer cooling feel at controlled temperature and relative humidity. X.R3R’s Multi-Density EPS liner system is designed to allow cooling air to travel unrestricted through tunnels created in 5 different zones with varying densities for maximum impact protection in key areas around the rider’s head.

Welcome to a new era of safety.

The X.R3R comes with the new ECE 22-06 homologationwhich includes new tests performed at higher speed, with more impact locations and improved impact-absorption capacity and additional requirements for features such as retractable chin pieces and visors.

X.R3R will be also submitted to FIM Racing Homologation Programme which is required for competing at the international level, including MotoGP – for 2022.

Built into each cheek pad, the Emergency Strap System V2 allows an easy and gentle access to an injured rider’s head by the trained medical personnel. All the X.R3R collection comes with MotoGP standard Double D-ring and X-LOCK magnetic button to facilitate final fastening. The chinstrap covers are removable and washable for greater ease and cleaning after more extreme incursions on the racetrack.


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