A touring jacket for men that leans towards adventure and is suited for all riders and riding conditions.

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The Zastro features a detachable thermal liner and a Raintex membrane with Air Scoop; a unique, layered construction in the membrane that prevents water from entering the jacket whilst enabling better airflow.

This gives the Zastro the benefits of a 3-layer jacket without its downsides. Because the membrane is fixed, you won’t get wet when placing the membrane in case of rain. The Air Scoop construction also causes ventilation zippers to work better, as airflow is able to pass the body and exit at the back. Ventilation zips and panels are present in abundance to maximise the benefits of the Air Scoop construction.

Aside from Easy Cuff at the wrists – a small zip (instead of loops and snaps) that connects the inner layers of your jacket and prevents loose, floating layers – this jacket is loaded with differentiators. Complete info about these unique features can be found at the bottom of the Zastro’s product page over at

Our RISC level 1 impact protectors are present at the shoulders and elbows. RISC back and chest protectors are separately available and can be placed in the designated compartment with ease. Be sure to check the size table before purchasing a back protector.

The Zastro is what we call adventurous riding gear!



[embed][/embed] DUTCH DESIGN: THE PROCESS Innovative, minimalist, experimental and quirky at times. Just the terms used to describe Dutch design esthetics. At the same time, youmight say the same about the design foundations of Macna. At the R&D department, the design team is working like a well-oiled machine, creating new ways to improve your ride, blending fashion with technology. Every technical or styling concept can be traced back to an idea. So it’s no surprise that the entire design department is riddled with sketches,3D prints, samples and fabric swatches.


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