A timeless and sharply priced 2-layer touring jacket, suitable for all riders and conditions.

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The Vaulture is fitted with a fixed Raintex ML membrane and a detachable thermal liner. The membrane is comfortable on the skin as it is directly laminated against mesh fabric.

Easy Cuff is present at the wrists. This small zip (instead of loops and snaps) connects the inner layers of your jacket and prevents loose, floating layers. The Quick Access Puller enables your inner pocket to be opened fast and easily, and the Coat Hanger is developed to carry the weight of a motorcycle jacket.

On the inside, we’ve fitted our Electric Power Guide. This EPG is a system of loops that lets you comfortably run cables through your sleeves to power your gloves when connected to a battery in your pocket or the battery of your motorcycle.

Our RISC level 1 impact protectors are present at the shoulders and elbows. RISC back and chest protectors are separately available and can be placed in the designated compartment with ease. Be sure to check the size table before purchasing a back protector.

The Vaulture is what we call timeless riding gear!


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