Electrically heated socks, developed for daily commuters and riders in cold conditions.

The Lava 2.0 socks heat the body parts that are most vulnerable in demanding temperatures: your feet. The socks are made of Merino wool and usable during other outdoor activities where your feet (and hands) get cold, such as fishing, hiking and mountain biking

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Dual Power technology lets you choose between a 7,4- or 12-Volt power supply. Power can be supplied by a battery in the cuff or jacket, or a direct connection to the battery of your motorcycle. There are 4 heating levels, each indicated in their own colour by the battery level indicator. The indicator at the cuff of the sock also tells you how much power you have left, and lets you change the level by pressing it.

Alternatively, you can operate these – and other garments – in the MACNA Heated app. The app enables you to manage all your heated garments with just one hand instead of unzipping and reaching for hidden buttons. Download it for free in the known stores, connect your jacket by Bluetooth® and fully manage your e-heated ecosystem on your phone.

The Lava 2.0 socks are what we call e-heated riding gear!


  • Brand:


  • Technology:
    Electrically heated Dual Power Easy Connect Plug Powervein 
  • Functionality:
    Battery life indicator MACNA Heated app 
  • Comfort:
    Electrically heated4 heating levels
  • Suitable for:
  • Style:
    Adventure – Tour
  • Weather type:


  • Materials:
    PolyamidPolypropyleneMerino wool
  • Power supplies:
    Batteries and charger not included
  • Weight:

    0.33 kg


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  • Model ID:




[embed][/embed] DUTCH DESIGN: THE PROCESS Innovative, minimalist, experimental and quirky at times. Just the terms used to describe Dutch design esthetics. At the same time, youmight say the same about the design foundations of Macna. At the R&D department, the design team is working like a well-oiled machine, creating new ways to improve your ride, blending fashion with technology. Every technical or styling concept can be traced back to an idea. So it’s no surprise that the entire design department is riddled with sketches,3D prints, samples and fabric swatches.


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