MACNA FULCRUM BLACK PANTS – The Macna Fulcrum is the ideal partner for every motorcyclist, whether you go to work on your bike or if you like cruising around on a Sunday. The Fulcrum meets every requirement a motorcyclist can have. This is partly made possible due to Macna’s three-layer system which they implemented in the Fulcrum trousers. It has a removable Raintex membrane and thermal lining which can be removed to make the trouser suitable for any weather conditions. Too hot? Open up the ventilation zips on the knees to get some much needed refreshing air!

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[embed][/embed] DUTCH DESIGN: THE PROCESS Innovative, minimalist, experimental and quirky at times. Just the terms used to describe Dutch design esthetics. At the same time, youmight say the same about the design foundations of Macna. At the R&D department, the design team is working like a well-oiled machine, creating new ways to improve your ride, blending fashion with technology. Every technical or styling concept can be traced back to an idea. So it’s no surprise that the entire design department is riddled with sketches,3D prints, samples and fabric swatches.


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