The Kovix Alarmed Lever Lock offers a physical, audible and visual deterrent to motorcycle thieves. The two part hinged Zinc and Steel Body is designed to lock the front brake lever back keeping the front brakes on, removing the opportunity to wheel the bike away, as well as restricting the use of the throttle and handle bar grip. In addition the axis movement/shock sensors, when disturbed, has a 120 db Alarm.


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  • Two part anodised Aluminium and Steel Body
  • Locks front brake lever and throttle
  • Built-in 120dB Movement Alarm System
  • Long Battery Life
  • Weather-Proof Electronics
  • On/Off Alarm Function
  • Stainless and hardened Steel to prevent rust



[embed]https://youtu.be/SkdN5b8ZITw[/embed] For more than a decade, KOVIX have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of intelligent security locks for home and vehicles. Combining our expertise and know-how with the latest technology, Kovix focus on the development of every product based on customer experience. This has led us to create one of our unique product features - the ON/OFF alarm selection for our alarm-equipped locks.


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