Foaming Tyre Dressing is a premium quality silicone emulsion, in aerosol form, which provides a quick and convenient method of cleaning, dressing and protecting tyres. As the thick foam collapses onto the tyre, Foaming Tyre Dressing leaves an even, shiny finish that will enhance the appearance of the rubber and help to prevent surface cracking. A single aerosol will provide up to 50 applications.

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How To Use

Shake can well before use. Best results will be achieved if heavy soiling is removed prior to application. Apply foam to tyre walls only, avoiding spraying onto tread, and allow a few minutes for the foam to disappear. In most cases one application will be sufficient, but if tyre is dirty or extra shine is required, wipe with lint free cloth, wiper or sponge after first application and apply a second spray. Any overspray may be removed with a damp cloth.


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