The Acebikes Ratchet Pro is perfect for securing any type of motorcycle. The solid plasticized hooks are provided with resilient locking clips for extra security. The heavy duty Ratchets and extra strong PES webbing, guarantees durability and heavy-duty work load. This Ratchet Kit comes with a solid carrying bag for easy storage, Velcro strap binders and 2 Loops Essential to create a hook point on your motorcycle anywhere you want.

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  • Heavy duty plasticized hooks
  • Resilient locking clips for extra security
  • Comes with two loops and Velcro Strap binders
  • Comes with handy carrying bag



Acebikes is a Dutch company, since 2007 specializing in the design and development of innovative accessories for every type of motorcyclist.
With years of experience in the field of transport of the motorcycle, there are several products arise that facilitate the life of a motorcyclist. Quality, ease of use and constant innovation are key when it comes to Acebikes products. Therefore, we see our products not only as a product, but as a complete solution. Anno 2024 Acebikes is ready for the future, in which we through constant research and user experience respond to the needs of today’s motorcyclist.


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