We are taking a massive 40% off the original price of all Halvarssons, Lindstrands and Jofama products in our clearance section. The items left are listed below but act fast if you want a bargain……

  1. Halvarssons Catch Gloves
  2. Halvarssons Prime Textile Jacket
  3. Halvarssons Prince Pants
  4. Halvarssons Protector Set Pants
  5. Jofama Frej Ladies Leather Jeans
  6. Jofama Frej Mens Leather Jeans
  7. Jofama Katla Ladies Leather Jacket
  8. Jofama Neptune Ladies Pants
  9. Jofama Neptune Mens Pants
  10. Jofama Tengil Leather Trousers
  11. Jofama Tour Fit Ladies Gloves
  12. Jofama V-Pants Ladies Pants
  13. Lindstrands Blaze Jeans
  14. Lindstrands Splash Boots

Please call us on Tel 01543 500123 or visit the store if you have any questions.


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