The all-leather, ultra-insulated winter glove In the guise of a subtle all-leather winter glove for the city, the WFX METRO WP introduces an innovative concept in terms of construction and thermal insulation.Most winter gloves have been made the same way for ages…To put it simply: Thick thermal insulation over the top of the hand, and a finer layer on the palm, all the way upto between the fingers. And here was the weak spot of this traditional construction.The cold ends up getting inside through the fourchettes (which is what the area between the fingers is called).FIVE has reinvented the fundamentals of thermal insulation using a new type of construction called THERMO+™,offering up to 20% greater heat retention,based on PRIMALOFT® insulation, the very best in the field. The concept is quite simple:thick insulation on the topside extends down between the fingers, whereas the thinner insulation is limited to the(flat) base of the palm and fingers. This implies reconsidering all the other elements in the glove, such as the external structure or the weatherproof membrane, in order to maintain perfect suppleness overall anda firm grip on the controls.It’s when you ride in the cold that you understand the point of this Thermo+™construction.The thicker, denser insulation in the fourchettes constitutes a much more effective thermal barrier and helps keep the hand’s natural heat within the glove for longer. Beyond this innovation, the WFX METRO WP has a rare elegance and outstanding perceived quality, due to its all-over full-grain leather construction. Its all-leather,large adjustment tab, worthy of the finest leather goods,contributes to this positive perception. It features all the elements that are common to most FIVE WP gloves, with its breathable, weatherproof5 Drytech™membrane,Ergo Protech®shells,and its Touch Screen™ and Clear Vision Pad™systems.The WFX METRO WP will enchant aficionados of fine materials like leather, taking care to keep your hands warm and dry when temperatures are near freezing.

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Supple full-grain goat leather topside•Supple full-grain goat leather palm•5_Drytech™breathable, weatherproof membrane, partially bonded•Innovative FIVE Thermo+ Insulation offering 20% more insulation, includes PrimaLoft® Silver 170 g on topside and 60 g Gold Grip control in palm•ErgoProtech® one-piece metacarpal-knuckle protective shell with internal honeycombed structure, hidden underneath material•ErgoProtech® soft TPR protective shell on hypothenar (palm slider)•Velcro® cuff closure•Reflective fabric on pinky finger•TouchScreen system™on index finger and thumb•Clear Vision Pad™on the left hand for wiping helmet visor or goggles•CE KP1



[embed][/embed] FIVE: Our name rings out loud and clear, since our mission is to protect hands (and the FIVE fingers that come with it…) during activities that require high-performance technical gloves, such as riding a two-wheeled vehicle. For over fifteen years now, we’ve been helping riders enhance their enjoyment at the handlebar, while protecting hands from injury in case of a fall, by equipping millions of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. Gloves are an item designed for safety, but also for comfort.


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