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Imagine, it’s 2002 on a cold winter morning, and the sound of two Enduro Motorbikes crashing and thrashing around.
In amongst this mayhem, Justin and Milo had an idea…….a flash of inspiration and a question ??

“Why don’t we open a bike shop”

The idea was simple, to open a friendly, well stocked motorcycle shop in a convenient location.  Stocked with brands that we knew would be reliable and affordable and that each of us would personally use, also an excellent range of quality leather and textile motorcycle accessories.

“Everything you needed under one roof”

Indulging in our passion for motorcycles we also added a small range of performance parts we would happily fit to our own bike. With all this positive energy flowing and also now with Olly on board, we located a suitable unit in Cannock, Staffordshire. So with the help of many friends, family and potential customers, we fitted out the unit and turned it into our retail shop.

This was the beginning of Motorcycle Essentials

Using Justin’s, Milo and Olly’s vast knowledge about the motorcycle industry, built up from over ten years experience in the trade, and our business relationships with various suppliers, we started to source products.

This was not easy as the suppliers needed to be convinced another motorcycle shop in the area would work and they would not be wasting there time and stock.  Thankfully, they had faith in our venture and agreed to help us build a good stock profile and a range of motorcycle clothing, accessories and products we were proud of.

We now had a Motorcycle Shop and were open for business!!

We have always strived to have, and maintain, a friendly atmosphere in our shop.  We have built up a friendly social meeting place where you can pop in and get a coffee, tea or hot chocolate and have a good chat about motorcycles, ride outs, rallies and check out the latest motorcycle clothing, helmets and accessories.

At the end of 2004, and after 3 great years of working with us, Milo decided to leave to pursue other interests.  He still stays a loyal customer to this day (because he knows he wouldn’t get better service anywhere else). Milo still pops in for a coffee and a browse around our excellent range of motorcycle products and accessories that he originally helped create.

Since Milo’s departure, Olly and Justin have carried on building relationships with old and new suppliers and gained a loyal customer base who keep coming back time and again to buy our quality products, and enjoy our friendly, social environment.  Over the years we have had open days where everyone can join in and charity events with stalls, food and stunt riders.

We have also been involved with Bike Safe ride outs and work closely to support the Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Bikers.

Ben started as an apprentice, under Olly’s training and gained a great deal of knowledge about the products and accessories we supply, passing this knowledge onto customers with confidence. Ben stayed on for 2 years but moved onto pastures new in July 2015.

We now welcome Debbie on board as our newest member of staff.  Debbie has always been interested in motorbikes and enjoys many happy hours travelling as pillion with her husband.

To get this far it has taken 14 years of hard work to bring you the best, and as a business today we continue to expand our range of motorcycle products and embrace leading manufacturers.

This allows us to continue to meet the demands of you our fantastic customers.

We thank you all for your continued support

Justin, Olly and Debbie


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