The Motorcycle Helmet X-Lite X802-RR Puro Sport Carbon is a top range, full-carbon, racing helmet. It stands out for its wealth of technical characteristics which have been consolidated over the years, in particular on MotoGP and SBK racing circuits. Made of carbon fibers, the removable and washable Carbon Fitting padding helps maintain the optimal temperature and keep your head dry.

Moreover, this helmet features an innovated ventilation system – the bottom flaps are hidden inside the shell, i.e. they do not close up when the rider is leaning. The bottom side air vents help remove exhaled air and – together with the Pinlock system and ultra large diffuser – make the helmet anti-fog.

The large rear spoiler can be adjusted to two positions (depending on the speed), allowing for a change of the helmet’s aerodynamic properties. The spoiler features a built-in air output. The bottom edge of the helmet is rubber coated to prevent the rider from scratching up the gas tank when leaning.