Weise Victory Leather Glove

The Weise Victory Gloves are constructed from soft goats leather, which creates a lightweight, comfortable leather, summer motorcycle glove.

Hard TPU which is discreetly fitted underneath the knuckle armour reinforces the impact and abrasion protection of the gloves. Directly underneath this armour there is a layer of memory foam which works to keep your knuckles comfortable as you bend them around the handlebars.

A ChamudeĀ® overlay panel at the palm creates a comfortable, grip area for an improved hand/grip relationship – the additional panel also increases the lifespan of the gloves as the palm zone endures the most use and is often the first area of a glove to begin to fail or wear thin.

A smart Velcro closure strap provides a simple, secure retention system. A rubber ‘gripper’ at the inner cuff provides a handy ‘pull on spot’.

Weise have used extremely discreet Weise branding on the Victory Gloves – opting for a simple Weise stamp at the back of the wrist.

A stylish, classic summer glove.


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June 5, 2015

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