As the days are starting to get colder and the nights darker you may be thinking its time to put the bike to bed for the winter, as you put the dust cover over and lift it up on its paddock stands you may think that’s the job done. However as the months go by your battery will start to sulphate and when the next season comes round you will probably find you will need a new battery.

Thats where the optimate’s come into their own, by leaving the battery connected to an optimate it keeps a steady currant going through the battery. this stops the battery sulphating and will leave it fully charged and ready to go as soon as the nice weather returns.

Different ranges of the optimate’s are available in store, the optimate 6 for example will charge almost any 12V acid battery with different charging options to perfectly suit your battery.

optimate accessories are available from extension leads to usb chargers.

Other branded chargers are available to suite all batteries and budgets



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